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What is FAIR?

What is FAIR?

The Faculty Academic Information Reporting (FAIR) system is a faculty designed and developed ASP application that enables the easiest possible collection of academic information by or about faculty.

The FAIR system consists of modules for the collection of information about faculty and instructional staff:

  • OMB- A21 Federal Effort reporting.
  • Entry of Publications, presentations and other scholarly activities in an organized and orderly categorization structure . (Show me the form!)
  • Vita Display and Content management including the abbreviate curriculum vitae required by NSF and NIH.
  • Annual Reporting- Scholarship information and detailed course information including student assessments of instruction are presented in a format that assist the faculty in the completion of their annual report and enable a more efficient annual review process.
  • Tenure and Promotion. The FAIR assembles the information in the modules above and provides display of previously entered content in largely completed templates that the faculty member can use when engaged in the tenure and/or promotion process.
  • Reporting! Most systems are sold on ease of reporting, but this is usually a bold-faced lie. Our system has an entire module dedicated to reporting. These are real working reports that were developed by real university faculty and staff with the intent of accomplishing a goal. Much of this reporting capability is for the examination of the Scholarship and Effort Reporting data that is resident within the FAIR system, but the system utilizes master extracts and from these extracts we can produce IPEDS reporting (EAP, Staff, Salaries), the AAUP & CUPA Full Time Instructional Faculty Salary Surveys, other advanced appointment reporting, the Peterson’s Graduate Survey and Delaware Survey of Instructional Cost Surveys, in addition to specific accreditation reporting for SACS and AACSB. Our listing of reports is very extensive, Please feel free to contact us or to send us an email for a demonstration.

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