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The Genesis of the FAIR system- A One Page Summary

The Genesis of the FAIR system- A One Page Summary

This software was university developed, and was conceptualized by a College of Arts and Science faculty committee that sought University-wide representation..

The Issues were: Developing performance metrics, (a new college governance structure)

Incorporating metrics into the college budget allocation
  • Descriptive- capturing publications
  • Quantitative- SCH, Faculty FTE ratios, etc.

    The Decisions:
    1. Purchase a system (N/A)
    2. Build a system – University-Wide or within the College
    3. College needs dictated this project must happen. Who would develop this system depended on:
      • Development time and responsiveness to college needs
      • Customization without hassle and barriers in order to meet unit needs
      • Ease of use

    The Strategic Issues:
    • Incentives for participation
    • A desire for overall reduction in colleague workload

    Guiding Principles of Design:
    1. A single logon and interface for the entry of all related information.
    2. Eliminating duplicate data entry and redundancy.
    3. Faculty must have incentives for buying-in.
      • Online Vita
      • Template Annual Report
      • Template Annual Review for Chair/Head/Dean/Director
      • Template Tenure and Promotion application