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Guiding Principle of FAIR Design

Guiding Principles of Fair of the FAIR Design

  • A single logon and interface for the entry of all related information. This functionality usually resides in multiple systems that are not connected, or they may be effectively isolated within the same system (Peoplesoft HR and Payroll)
  • This system makes the connections among disparate processes and eliminate duplicate data entry and redundancy.
  • This information reuses information as often as possible from a single input.
    • A single piece of scholarship may be entered while it is in process and then be reutilized all the way through the annual review process(es), culminating in its usage during the tenure and promotion process.
    • A single effort report may be utilized for collective bargaining, federal and state effort reporting and then as part of the Annual Review process, culminating in its inclusion in the historical assignment matrix that is completed during the tenure and promotion process.